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The mission of Science By Simulation is to help modernize science education through the use of computational platforms based on modeling and simulation technology. In many cases, this also requires unique databases to support the simulation. Simulation is an increasingly important way of doing modern science, and our goal is to make simulation methods accessible to science education. This approach supplements classroom learning, laboratory experiments and textbooks, and provides virtual labs in which systems can be modeled, experiments can be conducted and data/results can be collected and analyzed to gain insights.

Our science education tools are designed and built by simulation experts, and put powerful modeling and simulation capabilities in the hands of students and teachers. We do not provide animation tools that typically demonstrate a limited number of "simulations", but real and flexible simulation tools -- similar to tools used in industry -- that can be used for serious scientific study and inquiry.

Our tools typically include these elements:

  • The ability to describe, or model, a system -- such as a chemical reaction system.

  • The use of an extensive database of basic properties to support the modeling -- such as the thermodynamic properties of chemical species.

  • A simulation engine -- event-based or time-based or both -- to exercise the system and "run" it from an initial state to some final state.

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