Temperature (T):         K

Pressure Factor (P):    X
      Formula Expansion:
      Rate Model: R = k * [R1]X * [R2]Y * [R3]Z
      k     X  Y  Z
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Thermodynamics:  (@ T = 298.15  K)
Standard Enthalpy of Formation and Entropy fHo(T) (KJ/mol) So(T) (J/mol.K)
Reaction Thermodynamics & Equilibrium Value
Standard enthalpy change, ∆rHo(T)  KJ
Standard entropy change, ∆So(T)  KJ
Standard reaction free energy change, ∆rGo(T)  KJ
Reaction free energy change at initial composition, ∆rG(T)  KJ
Equilibrium constant, K
Temperature range for data K

Data sources:

Simulated Final State:  (@ T = 298.15  K ; P = 1.0 X)
Reactants, Products Final Composition Pressure- adjusted Composition Units
Simulated Kinetics (composition over time): 

Reactant Half Life (seconds)


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