These tutorial articles and presentations are primarily intended for instructors, but could be useful for advanced students as well. They demonstrate how ChemReaX can be used as a virtual lab in general chemistry and physical chemistry courses in undergraduate and high-school AP/IB programs. We will draw on selected topics in chemistry to illustrate how simulation-based lab activities can be designed around ChemReaX, enabling students to learn critical chemistry concepts through virtual experimentation, data collection and data analysis.
  1. Exploring Reaction Equilibria Using ChemReaX

  2. Investigating Entropy in Chemical Reactions Using ChemReaX

  3. Understanding Chemical Kinetics Using ChemReaX

  4. Delving into Titrations Using ChemReaX

  5. Modeling Solids, Liquids and Solutes in Chemical Thermodynamics with ChemReaX

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  7. Science by Simulation: ChemReaX, Education in Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry (November 2017)

  8. Integrating Virtual Labs into High School AP and IB Chemistry Curricula (December 2017)

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