ClimateSimTM a climate-change simulation app from ScienceBySimulation
Each of these virtual lab exercises focuses on a set of related topics and requires students to perform multiple simulations in ClimateSim. Students may also have to perform additional calculations and analysis using the data collected from simulations. Each exercise is structured as a quiz in Google Forms that walks students through a guided sequence of virtual lab experiments, with questions to answer along the way. Students get instant feedback and scores.
  1. Global Response to GHG Perturbations

  2. Latitudinal Response to GHG Perturbations

  3. More exercises coming soon...

Note to instructors:
If you have any suggestions for additional virtual lab exercises or additional questions to add to existing exercises -- or any other feedback --  please feel free to drop us a note at You can also build your own virtual lab exercises similar to the ones above

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