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Emissions Trends Year 2011 Peak Year Year 2100
CO2 (PgC)
Peaks in
0 0 0
CH4 (TgCH4)
Peaks in
0 0 0
N2O (TgN)
Peaks in
0 0 0
T = global mean annual surface temperature change relative to year 1750 (degrees C)
RF = radiative forcing relative to year 1750 (W/m2)
Conc. = atmospheric concentration (ppm or ppb)
Simulated Final State (year 2100): 
T: 0  oC; RF: 0  W/m2; CO2 Conc.: 0  ppm; CH4 Conc.: 0  ppb; N2O Conc.: 0  ppb

Detailed Simulation Results:

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